Plug pulled on nude swimming

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A WIGAN couple who like nude bathing will have to look even further afield from now on.

They are among a group of naturists who discovered this week that the plug has been pulled on one of the few public venues where special sessions had been held for them.

The unnamed pair had been taking a 50-mile round trip from Wigan to Garstang Baths for costumeless swimming at Garstang pool.

They had also been campaigning for the possibility of nude games at Garstang sports centre, but those hopes also now appear to be over due to awkward scheduling.

The naturists had used the Birch Road pool for several nude sessions last year and had also considered hiring Windsor Road leisure centre for naked badminton, short tennis and boules!

But the evening swimming sessions have come to an end - and there appears to have been little interest in the suggested naked sporting sessions at the leisure centre, the future of which is under review.

After several naked swims last year, which cost £5 per session, the Evening Post’s sister paper The Garstang Courier was told there have been no swims this year, after one for the spring was cancelled.

An email from the organisers has told the handful of naturists who dared to bare at the Garstang pool: “Apologies to everyone as we have had to cancel the Garstang swims until further notice, due to insufficient interest in the Tuesday swims that were on offer.

“The late start time and day of week hasn’t been suitable to everyone. I will be in touch again if anything changes.”

A leaflet issued by the group last year said that in addition to the swims they would “like to hold a naturist evening of indoor badminton, short tennis and boules” at the Wyre Council-owned, YMCA-run leisure centre.