Police chief expects further crime rises

Crime story
Crime story

AFTER years of encouraging decline, Greater Manchester’s crime figures went up again last year.

The news came as no surprise to the county’s police and crime commissioner Tony Lloyd who predicted as such in the wake of more cuts to the constabulary.

Overall recorded crime rose by six per cent compared with the previous year.

Mr Lloyd said: “I have been warning for some time about the increase in crime that we are now seeing. We saw the 20-year downward trend for Greater Manchester’s crime come to a juddering halt 12 months’ ago and since then crime has crept up and up.

“While analysis of recorded crime figures is complex – for example some of the increases can be attributed to improvements in the way that crime is now recorded and the work being done to encourage victims to come forward and report crimes – there can be no doubt that crime is on the rise.

“In the face of government cuts to the policing budget, this upward trend is unfortunately likely to remain, but the public can rest assured that I will continue to work tirelessly with GMP to use our dwindling budgets where needed most.”