Police ‘found drugs on burglary call-out’

Crime story
Crime story

POLICE who went to the home of a Wigan man after a neighbour reported a suspected burglary found no intruders - but discovered he was apparently a drug dealer with tens of thousands of pounds cash in the premises.

Police went into Andrew Bradley’s home in Grove Lane, Standish, as they spotted damage and wanted to check if there had been a break-in or if the householder needed help, a court heard.

There was no one there but in a garage which was being converted into a room officers noted two mixing bowls one which contained cocaine and the other cannabis.

A police dog was brought to the scene and more items were found including a plastic scoop and plastic bags containing white powder, claimed Simon Driver, prosecuting.

He told the Liverpool Crown Court jury that a search also revealed a total of 30 envelopes each containing £1,000 cash with Bradley’s initials on them.

Bradley was contacted and he was told about what had been found and he said, “yes, it’s social drugs”.

Mr Driver said that forensic examination shows some of the cocaine was high purity and a substantial amount of benzocaine which is used to adulterate cocaine and enhance its profitability. He claimed that the 40g of cannabis was also consistent with possession for onward sale.

Mr Driver told the jury that in the circumstances of the case they would be driven to the conclusion that the cash was criminal property.

When first interviewed 41-year-old Bradley made no comment but when re-interviewed he gave a prepared statement saying that a former friend had been staying with him shortly before the police find and that man had been involved in controlled drugs and possibly in debt.

Bradley denies possessing cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply and concealing criminal property.