Police 'genuinely scared' for youngsters drinking and taking substances in Wigan park

Police incident
Police incident

Police say they are 'genuinely scared' for the welfare of young Wiganers who have been drinking and taking illicit substances in a park.

GMP Wigan West put the hard-hitting message on Facebook after as many as 100 youths congregated on the recreation area off Enfield Street over the weekend.

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Officers attended on Saturday and found a young girl in a heavily intoxicated state.

An ambulance had to be called and she was eventually taken to hospital, with police also contacting her parents.

She had been with friends but they ran away from the scene on seeing the officers arriving.

This came just a day after police reported children in Wigan were taken to hospital after swallowing pills marked 'Moncler'.

In a personal message the PCSO updating the Facebook page wrote on Sunday: "This park has been a hotspot for children using drugs , drinking and setting fires to local residents' bins which is annoying and unacceptable.

"Over the weekend there have been up to 100 youths gathered and left behind is evidence of drug use and alcohol use.

"From a personal point of view and as a parent myself I have been genuinely scared by scenes that I have seen over this weekend where children have been so intoxicated or high on substances it has been genuinely worrying.

"So I urge you, if you know that your child hangs around on this park or parks nearby, do you know what they are doing, what they are allowing themselves to be involved in? How are they when they are coming home?

"Please speak to them educate them on the dangers and the risks "