Police ‘ignored’ calls to get off tragic Luke

Mobile phone footage showing Luke Rhoden struggling with police in Ibiza
Mobile phone footage showing Luke Rhoden struggling with police in Ibiza

A DOCTOR begged police to let go of Ibiza tragedy victim Luke Rhoden three times before the finally relented and he could be treated, it was claimed today.

The 25-year-old’s father Norman has been on the Spanish island this week in a bid to establish exactly what happened in the build-up to his son’s death.

As well as police and hotel staff, Mr Rhoden has met the emergency doctor who assessed Luke at the scene and says he’s been told that police only stopped pinning Luke down at the third time of asking from medics.

Shortly afterwards, the former Abraham Guest and Winstanley College student suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

“I’ve spoken to the doctor who was at the scene and he said that he told the police to stop three times,” said Mr Rhoden. He is an emergency doctor on the island who goes anywhere where there are issues with people.

“Only on the third occasion of him asking did they actually get off him.

“That delay may have made all the difference to what happened next.”

An investigation into what exactly brought on Luke’s cardiac arrest has still a way to go though.

He was seen leaping from a first-floor balcony before being involved in a struggle with Civil Guardia officers. Many eyewitnesses have claimed he was the victim of severe police brutality.

Mr Rhoden says he was given the impression by the doctor that Luke’s cardiac arrest could have been triggered by police using batons upon his son’s throat, causing asphyxiation.

He added: “The autopsy report has come out and they’re saying that when he has had the cardiac arrest it started a reaction where his lungs have filled up with blood and water.

“What they have to do now is take biopsies of his lung and stomach content and send it to Barcelona. Those results will not come back for three, possibly six months.”

There is a belief that Luke may have taken drugs in the hours before his death last Tuesday morning.

But what his father is particularly keen to establish is whether police played a part in his death or not.

He said: “I’ve said this all along, he probably will have had drugs in his system but my interest is what happened at the end and was it extreme force.

“That is what I’m more concerned with, I’m not bothered if he had drugs in his system, that doesn’t concern me.

“If it comes back with that then so be it, my concern is what they did to bring that reaction on. If they want to blame that on drugs, that’s a get-out card from police.

“Everyone else, including the local doctor on the island, has said that there was an amount of pressure they were putting on to restrain him.”