Police interview ‘tattooed woman in a onesie’

Crime story
Crime story

A TATTOOED woman in a rabbit onesie and wearing a yellow Minions rucksack could hold vital clues in the solving of two burglaries.

Police issued the detailed and somewhat eccentric description as they probe two break-ins on Inglewhite, Skelmersdale, during the day on May 23 in which keys to homes, an allotment and a car were snatched.

Police say the woman was seen in the area around the time of both incidents.

She was described as white, in her mid-40s, gaunt-faced with greasy, red/purple dyed hair. She had scabs on her face and the name Evelyn tattooed on her hand.

She was wearing a blue rabbit onesie, a yellow Minions rucksack, a dark blue puffa jacket and carrying a black sleeping bag.

She has since come forward as the person described and will be interviewed later.