Police issue booze warning

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POLICE are reminding members of the public, particularly women out on their own, of the dangers they may face while being unable to think clearly due to excessive drinking.

In order to have a safe and enjoyable time, police recommend that folk pace their drinks by mixing them with non-alcoholic rounds, stick with friends throughout the night and take a taxi home they can trust.

Officers stress that they are not issuing this warning because of any recent particular incidents involving the safety of revellers. It is simply a timely seasonal warning worth repeating.

Insp Glynn Worley of Greater Manchester Police’s Wigan Division said: “We don’t want to stop people having a good time, but drinking large quantities can lower inhibitions and make you more vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime. We would therefore urge people to follow this simple advice to keep themselves safe.”

If you use a private hire vehicle to get home:

Check they are genuine by ensuring they have yellow plates on the rear of the vehicle;

Make sure you pre-book them – if you just flag one down the vehicle’s insurance may no longer be valid and it may also be a bogus vehicle;

Use a private hire firm that you know;

Alternatively, take a Hackney Carriage – these can be flagged down anywhere without affecting their insurance.

The Hackney Carriage ranks in Wigan town centre are on Wallgate, King Street, Library Street, Standishgate, King Street West, New Market Street (slip road), Wigan Lane and Dorning Street.

The Hackney Carriage ranks in Leigh town centre are on Gas Street and Silk Street, and the rank in Ashton town centre is on Gerrard Street.

To report crime call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Use 999 only in an emergency where there is a threat to life or crime in progress.