Police seize arsenal of terror

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POLICE in Wigan confiscated a terrifying arsenal of weapons from criminals across the borough last year.

In total, they took 242 weapons from people who were keeping them illegally.

Items ranging from crossbows to shotguns were seized between January 1 and November 1, in a bid to keep the town’s streets safer.

The Evening Post has obtained a list of items deemed to be offensive or classed as weapons through the Freedom of Information Act request to Greater Manchester Police.

A total of 30 firearms were on the list, as well as a high number of stun guns and air rifles.

Two crossbows were also seized; the first on March 3 and the second on October 20. And on two occasions, police had to retrieve force issue batons.

One of their biggest hauls came on August 20 last year, when a total of 10 firearms were seized in one incident, including three shotguns and an air rifle. On June 22, a total of nine items were taken, including a Winchester 12-gauge shotgun, a Beretta 12-gauge shotgun, a 101 Magnum gas-powered gun and three cans of pepper spray.

Another haul resulted in the retrieval of a gas-powered pistol, two taser guns and a can of CS spray.

Also on the list of confiscated weapons were items such as samaurai swords and a laser pen.

Wigan police say that the removal of weapons from Wigan’s streets is key to maintaining the public’s safety.

Insp Glenn Jones, of the Wigan Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We confiscate illegal weapons at every opportunity, as part of our work to make the borough’s streets safer.

“For example, we are currently using knife-detection arches and hand-held metal detectors in the town centre, as part of our Christmas operation.

“Offenders should be in no doubt that, if they threaten public safety by carrying weapons, they will be prosecuted.”