Police warning over speeding bikers

The speed activated signs in Bolton Road, Aspull
The speed activated signs in Bolton Road, Aspull
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POLICE are warning about the dangers of speeding after motorcyles and quad bikes have been spotted tearing down a busy main road in Wigan.

Residents have complained of motorbikes hurtling down Bolton Road, in Aspull, and Redrock and Haigh Road, and quad bikes in the area and have urged ward councillors Chris Ready and Ron Conway to intervene.

One was doing a wheelie at the top of Haigh Road a couple of weeks ago plus another idiot on a quad bike

Jean Roberts

The councillors have been working with Greater Manchester Police to tackle the problem and had already organised for speed activated signs to be installed, which were put in at the beginning of the year,

But residents believe more needs to be done, taking to social media to warn others,

Yvonne Cain posted: “Can anything be done about the motorbikes that are whizzing up and down Bolton Road especially from the Fingerpost and St Elizabeth’s Church? I think that it is only time before a bad accident happens.”

Claire Keegan added: “A bike overtook someone on the corner at Dukes Row. Their passenger didn’t even have an helmet on.”

Jean Roberts warned: “One was doing a wheelie at the top of Haigh Road a couple of weeks ago plus another idiot on a quad bike.”

Lisa Victoria Waller said: “Some were speeding over Redrock other week and came flying down Haigh Road at top speed. We need speed cameras. One went past shops doing a wheelie with someone on back of bike - stupid people.”

Wendy Collings added: “There have been some on the pathway from Crawford Avenue to Holly Road. Maybe a gate of some sort would stop them, even if it was only at one end.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “Death and serious injuries are the real cost of driving dangerously and we want to urge people to seriously consider this every time they get behind the wheel and to drive with due care and consideration to weather and road conditions. Speed is a major factor in pedestrian, driver, rider and passenger fatalities.

“Research clearly shows that pedestrians involved in a 30mph collision generally survive, while those hit at 40mph do not.

“Please slow down, make sure that you and all your passengers are wearing seat belts and switch your mobile off before you start the engine.”