Police probe dog attack

Angela Standish recovering at home
Angela Standish recovering at home

THIS shocking wound was inflicted when a ferocious dog was allowed off its lead to attack.

Emotional Angela Standish, 59, told how she was walking her rough collie Sox home along a path near to the King George V playing fields in Haydock when an out of control Japanese Akita struck.

She says the dog was off its lead at the time and that its owner, a man in his late 40s, simply shrugged off the attack and strolled off.

Mrs Standish said: “The owner must have seen me from about 100 yards away and could easily have put his dog on its lead. But he just let it run riot and it went for mine and pinned it to the ground by its neck.

“I was screaming at the man to get his dog off mine and was so upset that I didn’t even realise I had been bitten until his dog finally let go.

“The man didn’t do anything to stop his dog. He just let it attack me and my dog. I couldn’t believe it. I told him his dog had bit me but he didn’t even stop to look.

“He just said I was ‘having a laugh’. It’s the last thing I would have expected from someone of that age - he wasn’t a child.”

After nursing her beloved collie back home, Angela made sure Sox was all right before heading to the police station to report the attack and to the local NHS Walk In Centre for treatment.

She was put on a course of anti-biotics and had to see doctors again over the weekend to make sure the bite had not become infected.

Mrs Standish, of Poplar Road, Haydock, added: “My arm was down by my side when this dog bit me - at about the same height as a small child.

“Imagine if it was a child that had been walking next to my dog. It could have caused really serious damage.

“This Japanese Akita was all black and had tan streaks coming out of its face.

“It was quite distinctive-looking. Somebody must know who owns it. If it has attacked once there’s a chance it will do it again.”

A police spokesman confirmed that incident which occurred shortly before 7pm last Thursday (July 22) had been reported to them.

He said: “The victim reported the dog attack at about 8pm before going to the local NHS Walk In Centre. She declined an ambulance.

“Officers called her the following morning and made a home visit on Sunday.

“The investigation is ongoing and is in the hands of our neighbourhood team.

“We have contacted the council to make the local dog wardens aware and have circulated the descriptions among our neighbourhood patrols.”

Japanese Akita’s are bred as hunting dogs.

Breeders’ websites do not recommend that they are kept as family pets as they are ‘dominant and fearless.’