Policy review for fires

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DEATHS because of fire will all now be viewed as preventable in a radical shift in approach by Wigan’s Fire and Rescue Service.

The decision to move from the assumption some people will die in fires that cannot be stopped is a move which backs the way in which the Service has moved to delivering its services in recent years.

This means that those who have taken their own lives or who have killed others through fires will be considered by GMFRS and other organisations as people who can be helped, supported and stopped from causing a fire as long as the right agencies have enough information and are able to intervene.

The change comes as the number of people dying as a result of non-accidental fires exceeded the number of people dying in accidental fires, for the first time, during 2011 and 2012.

It is sending the report to other organisations such as councils, health providers, the police and others this month as a starting point for doing more work together to reduce deaths.

The figures and findings were presented to the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority’s Prevention and Protection Committee on in November.

Geoff Harris, Head of Protection said: “We firmly believe every single fire and fire death is preventable.”