New housing development in Wigan borough given initial nod

Outline planning permission for a new housing development in the borough has been given the go ahead by Wigan Council.

The proposed nine-home development would go onto the land off the back of Rowe Street and Wood Street, a short distance away from Tyldesley town centre.

The applicant, Stephen Daley, is only seeking approval of access at the moment and a full planning permission application would have to come further down the line before construction could go ahead. It is proposed to access the site via Westerdale Close to the west of the area.

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Land off the back of Wood Street/Rowe Street in Tyldesley

This access route would cross through a public space area and would involve the removal of a number of trees.

One objection has already been submitted in regard to the access. The resident claimed that the roads are too narrow – as is the turning circle into the site. Additionally the objector was concerned about the removal of trees and light pollution as a result of the proposed development.

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“The Council’s Trees and Woodlands Officer has assessed the scheme and has no objections to the principle of residential development on this site and the loss of the trees

as they are not worthy of protection,” a officer’s report stated.

“The Council’s Landscape Design Officer agrees with this assessment and comments that the trees present have been surveyed and are not considered of high value.”

The Greater Manchester Ecology Unit has also been consulted and "raised no objections to the development”.

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The access road was therefore approved.