Wigan Council mechanics call off strike ballot

Wigan Council mechanics, who were told they they had to work late on Fridays despite already accepting rota changes that will leave some £400 a month worse off, have cancelled a strike ballot after the council backed down, Unite, the UK and Ireland’s largest union, said.

The mechanics, who repair and maintain nearly 300 of the local authority's municipal vehicles, have agreed to change from a four day shift pattern to five in order to comply with the council’s overtime cost saving measures.

Wigan Council has now backed down from its refusal to allow the mechanics to leave at 4.30pm on a Friday rather than the usual time of 5.30pm.

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Unite regional officer Tanya Sweeney said: “Leaving an hour early on a Friday was the one request our members had after accepting changes to their rota to reduce overtime time and help save the council much needed funds.

“Our members have been eminently reasonable in complying with the council’s cost saving measures, with some accepting a considerable reduction in their pay packets.

“We are pleased that Wigan Council brought an end to this dispute before industrial actions occurred and that relations can now return to normal.”