Full list of candidates for 2019 local elections revealed

The candidates hoping for the votes of the borough’s residents in what looks like hotly-contested local elections have been unveiled.

Monday, 8th April 2019, 9:44 am
Updated Monday, 8th April 2019, 9:54 am
Election night is on May 2

The borough goes to the polls on May 2, with seats in all 25 wards in the chamber up for grabs.

Other news: Life term for immigrant wife killerLabour and the Conservatives are standing in all 25 races, but the next-biggest contingent is from Ukip, which has 21 candidates and could be hoping to capitalise on the national Brexit situation in a Leave heartland while also representing local issues.

A total of 15 independent candidates, representing a number of different groups, have put themselves forward for election and the Liberal Democrats are standing 13, while six activists hope to be elected for the Greens.

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The borough’s newest party, Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley Together, is standing four candidates in its first election.

Labour secured a massive victory last time these seats were contested in 2015, meaning it has 23 places to defend this year.

The only councillors not wearing the red rosette up for re-election are Conservative Kath Houlton, in Lowton East, and Standish independent George Fairhurst.

Here is the full list of candidates:

Abram: David Bowker (Ind), Beverley Bridgewater (Cons), Eunice Smethurst (Lab), Frank Swift (Ukip).

Ashton: Jenny Bullen (Lab), Geoffrey Matthews (Lib Dem), Michael Moulding (Ind Net), Mark Temperton (Ukip), Marie Winstanley (Cons).

Aspull New Springs Whelley: Andrew Holland (Lib Dem), Chris Ready (Lab), Nathan Sweeney (Cons).

Astley Mosley Common: Allan Hogg (Ukip), Christine Roberts (Lab), Richard Short (Cons).

Atherleigh: Mark Aldred (Lab), Susan Davies (LATT), Paul Fairhurst (Cons), Mary Lavelle (Ukip), Kevin Lee (Ind Net).

Atherton: Marjorie Clayton (Cons), Glenn Marsh (Ukip), Quinton Smith (LATT), David Keir Stitt (Lab), James Paul Watson (Ind Net).

Bryn: Danny Fletcher (Lab), Philip Hayden (Ukip), Denise Melling (Lib Dem), Sylvia Wilkinson (Ind), Margaret Winstanley (Cons).

Douglas: Margaret Atherton (Cons), John Blondel (Ind), Dalila Garcia Fearn (Ukip), Peter Jacobs (Green), Sheila Ramsdale (Lab).

Golborne Lowton West: Stuart Blakeley (Ukip), Gerard Houlton (Cons), Gena Merrett (Lab), Susan Spibey (Ind).

Hindley: Jim Churton (Lab), Jim Ellis (Ind Net), Neil Hancox (Green), Claire Houlton (Cons), John Skipworth (Lib Dem).

Hindley Green: Susan Atherton (Cons), Gillian Gibson (Ukip), Joshua Hindle (Lib Dem), Deborah Lloyd (Ind Net), John Vickers (Lab).

Ince: Grace Aspey (Cons), Nathan McIntyre (Ukip), Jimmy O’Neill (Ind), Janice Sharratt (Lab).

Leigh East: John Dowsett (Lib Dem), Richard Houlton (Cons), James Morley (LATT), Aiden Slack (Ukip), Anita Thorpe (Lab).

Leigh South: John O’Brien (Lab), Leon Peters (Ukip), Connor Short (Cons).

Leigh West: Dane Anderton (Lab), Brian Aspinall (Ukip), Jayson Lomax-Hargreaves (LATT), Natalie Smalley (Lib Dem), Denise Young (Cons).

Lowton East: Mary Houghton (Ukip), Kathleen Houlton (Cons), Garry Lloyd (Lab).

Orrell: Denise Capstick (Lib Dem), Steven Evans (Cons), Donald McQueen (Green), Stephen Murphy (Lab).

Pemberton: Craig Buckley (Ukip), David Burley (Lib Dem), Jean Peet (Cons), Eileen Rigby (Lab).

Shevington with Lower Ground: Paul Collins (Lab), Gareth Fairhurst (Ind), Michael Owens (Cons), Joseph Rylance (Green), Derek Wilkes (Ukip).

Standish with Langtree: Judith Atherton (Cons), Carl Davies (Ukip), George Fairhurst (Ind), Debbie Parkinson (Lab), Neil Stevenson (Lib Dem).

Tyldesley: Kerry Ford (Ukip), Stephen Hellier (Lab), Julian Marsh (Ind), David Stirzaker (Cons).

Wigan Central: Lewis Evans (Cons), Michael McLoughlin (Lab), Tony Spencer (Ind), Stuart Thomas (Lib Dem).

Wigan West: Steve Dawber (Lab), Yamini Gupta (Cons), Will Patterson (Green), Nathan Ryding (Ukip), Caroline Waddicor (Lib Dem).

Winstanley: Allan Atherton (Cons), Steven Heyes (Green), Marie Morgan (Lab), Scott Sheedy (Ukip), Robert Stevenson (Lib Dem).

Worsley Mesnes: Mikah Evans (Cons), Maureen McCoy (Ukip), Clifford Oakley (Ind), Billy Rotherham (Lab).

Key: Lab - Labour, Cons - Conservatives, Lib Dem - Liberal Democrats, Green - Green, Ukip - UK Independence Party, Ind - Independent, Ind Net - Independent Network, LATT - Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley Together.