MPs slam Brexit chaos and demand answers on the path forward

Local MPs have hit out after prime minister Theresa May postponed parliament's vote on the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 3:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 4:40 pm
Government is again being criticised over the Brexit process

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy and Makerfield representative Yvonne Fovargue are among those piling the pressure on Mrs May over leaving the European Union (EU).

It now looks likely the House of Commons will not get to vote on a withdrawal agreement until the new year, with Mrs May today (Tuesday) travelling to the continent for further talks with European leaders.

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And local representatives, like many of their colleagues across the party-political spectrum, could not contain their anger at the crisis engulfing the Government and the lack of certainty on the way forward.

Ms Fovargue said: “This is a clear admission by the PM that her deal cannot command support of parliament. The UK no longer has a functioning Government with a prime minister who has known this fact for at least the last fortnight.

“Time and time again Theresa May’s instinct is to delay making a decision causing uncertainty for the country, businesses and the wider economy.

“Let’s be clear, this situation cannot stand. The country voted to leave the EU but the PM’s plan fails to deliver the Brexit that is in the interests of my constituents.”

MPs also took to social media to air their concerns.

Before entering the chamber Wigan MP Lisa Nandy wrote on Twitter: “On Friday I replied to a Wigan business who were bidding for a year long contract in the EU. It’s currently unclear whether they would be able to deliver it. I know they and many others will be watching this anxiously. If the vote is pulled what’s Plan B? Uncertainty has a cost.”

On Monday afternoon Ms Nandy also tweeted: “Time for May to stop pandering to the hard-right Brexiteers. That’s why we’re now in this mess with only months to go and nothing short of no deal chaos will ever be good enough for them.”