Peaceful campaign planned to oppose Tommy Robinson visit

A group of trade unionists will carry out a peaceful campaign today in response to Tommy Robinson's planned visit to the borough this evening.

Monday, 13th May 2019, 2:39 pm
Tommy Robinson

Members of the Wigan Trades Council will be out leafleting near the town's railway stations at the same time the far-right activist is set to appear in Norley Hall.

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is due to arrive in the borough at around 7pm today (Monday).

Last week, the news of his visit split opinion, with many clashing online over differing political views.

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Wigan Today readers took to Facebook to share their thoughts.

Steve Gibson wrote: "Welcome to Wigan Tommy. I am confident he'll have more supporters than objectors.

"Since his ban on social media, people are meeting him every day on the streets and finding out for themselves what he's really about.

"The man has more integrity than anyone in the BBC or Parliament. No-one else in this country has put themselves on the line like he has. Hope he wins a seat in the European Parliament, he'll be the best MEP we've ever had."

Chris Leyland added: "Tommy will get my vote, he's more than welcome in my town."

In the other camp, people spoke out against his visit.

Denise Melling wrote: "He certainly doesn't represent me."

Andrew McKinstry added: "Let what's his name visit just don't show him any respect. Don't provide an audience by watching him."

Some Wiganers implored others not to meet his visit with any aggression or violence.

Jayson Lomax-Hargreaves said: "I dont support Tommy.

"However, he is a candidate in an election he should be allowed to canvass support anywhere within the constituency of the north-west without fear of attacks.

"If you disagree with him go and challenge him but do it in a civil manner, politics has got very nasty on both sides it needs to calm down."

Mr Robinson has been received with varying degrees of animosity at different locations across the North West.

Footage from the Warrington rally showed him being drenched with milkshake by a protestor.

However in Blackpool the meeting passed relatively peacefully.

A video of the event posted on social media showed one man, thought to be a Blackpool local, begin to heckle Mr Robinson with a loudhailer. He was quickly chased away by Mr Robinson's supporters and security team.