Thousands of Wiganers sign petition to revoke Article 50

Thousands of constituents in Wigan, Leigh and Makerfield have signed a petition calling for the government to revoke Article 50.

Monday, 25th March 2019, 9:06 am
Updated Monday, 25th March 2019, 10:08 am
The petition is calling for the government to revoke Article 50

The petition, which was launched five days ago, has amassed more than 5.4m signatures so far and the figure continues to rise.

A "petition map", launched by Unboxed, has revealed the percentage of people supporting the bid in each constituency.

More than 11,300 people across the three areas which cover most of the Wigan borough, have signed the petition to "put a stop" to Brexit.

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The petition, created by Margaret Anne Georgiadou, says: "The government repeatedly claims exiting the EU is 'the will of the people'.

"We need to put a stop to this claim by proving the strength of public support now, for remaining in the EU. A People's Vote may not happen - so vote now."

In Wigan, at the time of publication, 4,064 (3.95 per cent of 102,895) constituents had signed the petition.

Makerfield constituents had a slightly lower percentage than Wigan with 3,390 (3.43 per cent of 98,894) constituents signing the revoke petition.

In Leigh, 3,927 (3.77 per cent of 104,160) constituents had signed the petition as of 9.30am on Monday.