Tumultuous local election night as independents and Conservatives make gains

Labour suffered a bad night at the polls, losing seats across the borough in the local elections.

On a tumultuous evening of politics both independent candidates and the Conservatives triumphed in a string of close races against the red rosette.

The counting floor at Robin Park

The counting floor at Robin Park

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Music promoter turned politician Paul Maiden triumphed in Hindley Green, beating Labour's Gena Merrett by 189 votes.

Fellow independent Andrew Collinson won in Bryn, as Vicky Johnson's second attempt to take the seat fell short.

In the final result of the night Janet Brown for the Shevington Independents also emerged victorious after a recount, defeating Labour's Mike Crosby.

It wasn't all plain sailing for the independent group as leader in the chamber Debbie Fairhurst lost her Standish with Langtree seat.

However, it was the Conservatives who capitalised with Adam Marsh snatching the win from Debbie Parkinson of Labour by just 15 votes, again after a second count.

It was overall a good night for the blue rosette as Richard Clayton returned to the chamber after a break of several years, winning in Orrell, and Ed Houlton retained his Lowton East seat.

Independent eyes were also smiling at the Leigh Sports Village as Stuart Gerrard, a key figure in the Atherton Residents' Association, became an elected representative too.

Labour did rack up some successes and still hold the majority of council seats, with senior names including leader Lord Peter Smith, cabinet member Carl Sweeney, planning committee chairman Paul Prescott and former mayors Ron Conway and Phyll Cullen all among those returning to the chamber.

Jim Talbot only narrowly got back in, with independent ex-councillor Jim Ellis' bid to represent Hindley once again falling short by 158 votes.

Other victories included George Davies in Wigan Central and Clive Morgan in Winstanley, while new Labour councillors Anthony Sykes and Susan Gambles will represent Ashton and Golborne Lowton West respectively.

Turnout was fairly low, with Douglas and Ince wards recording just 20.7 per cent engagement and even in the best-performing areas only one in three people casting a ballot.

Full results:

Golborne Lowton West
William Heaton (Ind) 612
Susan Gambles (LAB) 1,280
Gerard Houlton (CON) 345

Paul Fairhurst (CON) 394
Lorraine Gillon (LIB) 68
Debra Wailes (LAB) 938
Anthony Waite (IND) 550

James Moodie (LAB) 1,273
James O’Neill (IND) 379
Yamini Gupta (CON) 188

Leigh West
Richard Houlton (CON) 374
Jayson Hargreaves (IND) 578
Natalie Smalley (LIB) 158
Peter Smith (LAB) 1308

Worsley Mesnes
Lynne Holland (LAB) 1,449
Paul Chapman (CON) 314
Joshua Hindle (LIB) 90
Maureen McCoy (UKIP) 327

Paul Prescott (LAB) 1,472
Susan Atherton (CON) 322
David Burley (LIB) 185

Julian Marsh (IND) 706
Joanne Marshall (LAB) 1344
David Stirzaker (CON) 587

Vicky Johnson (LAB) 973
Judith Atherton (CON) 198
Denise Melling (LIB) 67
Philip Hayden (UKIP) 133
Andrew Collinson (IND) 1,065

Carl Sweeney (LAB) 1,479
Beverley Bridgwater (CON) 404
Frank Swift (UKIP) 274

Astley Mosley Common
Richard Short (CONS) 1,082
Barry John Taylor (LAB) 1,349
Stuart Thomas (LIB) 131

Shirley Dewhurst (LAB) 1,551
Margaret Atherton (CON) 422

Jim Talbot (LAB) 1,063
Margaret Winstanley (CON) 206
John Skipworth (LIB) 58
Neil Hancox (GRE) 86
Jim Ellis (IND) 905

Lowton East
Edward Houlton (CONS) 2,099
Garry Lloyd (LAB) 1,346

Karen Aldred (LAB) 1,197
Marjorie Clayton (CONS) 334
Stuart Andrew Gerrard (IND) 1,779

Aspull New Springs Whelley
Michael Owens (CONS) 764
Ron Conway (LAB) 1,708
Andrew Holland (LIB) 308

Leigh South
Charles Rigby (LAB) 1,531
Connor Short (CONS) 1,283

Marie Winstanley (CONS) 36
Anthony Sykes (LAB) 1,112
Gillian Gibson (UKIP) 109
Geoffrey Matthews (LIB) 41
Michael Moulding (IND) 793

Leigh East
John Dowsett (LIB) 288
Frederick Walker (LAB) 1,189
Denise Alison Young (CONS) 518

Daniel Whitehouse (CONS) 509
Clive Morgan (LAB) 1,396
Steven Heyes (GRE) 195
Daniel Singleton (UKIP) 177
Neil Stevenson (LIB) 114

Hindley Green
Jonathan Cartwright (CONS) 287
Gena Merrett (LAB) 787
Paul Maiden (IND) 976
John Thomason (LIB) 305

Denise Capstick (LIB) 367
Richard Clayton (CONS) 1,430
Eileen Rigby (LAB) 1,273

Wigan West
Ronnie Clark (DVP) 140
Nathan Ryding (UKIP) 176
Jean Peet (CONS) 363
Phyllis Cullen (LAB) 1,746

Standish with Langtree
Debbie Parkinson (LAB) 1,185
Debbie Fairhurst (IND) 872
Adam Marsh (CON) 1,200

Shevington with Lower Ground
Mike Crosby (LAB) 1,045
Janet Brown (IND) 1,107
Allan Atherton (CON) 487
Joseph Rylance (GRE) 120

Wigan Central
George Davies (LAB) 1518

Lewis David Evans (CON) 834
Caroline Waddicor (LIB) 163
Gareth Fairhurst (IND) 130
Tony Spencer (IND) 89