Wigan MPs set to vote against Brexit deal

The British and EU flags
The British and EU flags

MPs across the borough are ready to vote against the Brexit withdrawal agreement when it is debated in parliament.

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy and Makerfield representative Yvonne Fovargue have both said they cannot back the outcome of negotiations in Brussels and are not prepared to abstain either.

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Instead they will conclusively reject the agreement drawn up in Brussels following months of intense negotiations between the Government and the European Union (EU).

Both described the deal as bad for Britain and slated ministers for a failure to safeguard rights and protect the economy after Brexit.

Ms Nandy told a national politics TV show that the political declaration which outlines how Britain and the EU will continue negotiating a trade in future “offers no guide as to what the future holds for the UK.”

“There’s been no attempt to reach out to Labour MPs like me. It’s just too big a gamble for MPs like me to take with our constituents’ future,” she added.

Ms Nandy was then asked if she would support the agreement and replied: “Well I’d hoped that it would be, but in all honesty no it’s not and it’s inconceivable now that when this comes before parliament in just a few days time that I’ll be voting for it.

“I won’t be voting to support the withdrawal agreement.”

Ms Nandy spoke of the need for “clarity about what the future looks like”, adding: “But we have to be honest with people now that there is no option on the table that doesn’t have a cost.”

She added: “If we don’t get this right, we’re not going to resolve it and we will still be talking about it in 10 years time and that’s why I say she (Theresa May) has to go back, extend Article 50 and start that process with the country that she should have been through years ago.”

Ms Fovargue said: “The Government’s approach to the negotiations has resulted in a bad deal that does not work for our country and is unlikely to be endorsed by parliament.

“This is a result of the Government’s failure and refusal to adopt the kind of approach that could have safeguarded jobs and the economy.

“As it stands, I intend to vote against the Prime Minister’s deal.

“Unlike the Prime Minister I do not believe that parliament’s choice is simply between her deal or no deal at all.

“I think a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic and the Government does not have the right to plunge our country into chaos because of its own failure.”

There seems to be cross-party consensus across the borough among MPs on the withdrawal agreement.

Labour MP for Leigh Jo Platt has said she intends to vote against, as does Conservative MP for Bolton West Chris Green who is a prominent Brexit supporter.

Ms Platt accused Mrs May of spending more time negotiating Conservative internal squabbling than actually working in the interests of the economy.

She also said the political declaration gave no assurances about Leigh’s future.

Mr Green, meanwhile, spelled out considerable misgivings about the withdrawal agreement potentially causing a split in the United Kingdom, the continuing role of the European Court of Justice in Britain and whether the deal truly delivered Brexit.

The meaningful vote on the withdrawal agreement in parliament is scheduled for December 11 and will follow five days of debate in the House of Commons.

Mrs May faces a huge task to get enough support, with MPs from almost every party in Westminster speaking out publicly against the withdrawal agreement.