Wigan student Robert leading new national Brexit campaign group

Robert Langley, founder of Students For Brexit
Robert Langley, founder of Students For Brexit

A new campaign group bringing together students backing Brexit has been founded by a Wiganer.

Robert Langley, who studies politics at King’s College London, has come up with Students For Brexit for young people who support Britain leaving the European Union (EU).

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Robert, who is from Ashton, says Brexit is more popular among his peers than the stereotypical view that young people are mostly ardent Remainers would suggest.

Indeed, the prevalence of pro-EU student groups spurred him into action.

He is also keen to dismiss any suggestion his group is for people with insular or even xenophobic views, saying he and many other students back international free trade.

Robert, 19, said: “I founded it because I was sick of Remain groups like Our Future Our Choice telling me what I should want for my future.

“I wanted to spread the message that there are young people who support Leave and they are not backwards or isolationist.

“We are pushing a positive, global future for Britain, and I believe if we don’t get our message out about, this opportunity will slip away. Our campaign outline is that if we can’t get a deal by March 29 we leave with no deal.

“I’m from a working class background and I feel very passionately about ensuring the voices of people like me and my family are listened to and respected.

“People who had been left behind got to have a say that mattered for the first time in decades with Brexit. Now I see people trying to overturn that cry for help from ignored communities like Wigan.”

Robert has been surprised by the success of Students For Brexit, which in just a few short weeks has enjoyed more than 500,000 impressions on Twitter.

Students from more than 40 universities across the UK have already got involved or expressed interest, with the leadership group hailing from institutions and hometowns from all over the country.

The group is non-partisan, welcoming supporters of various political parties and persuasions, and is also fairly decentralised with local groups able to shape events.

Robert says bringing together like-minded people is also a key part of Students For Brexit.

He said: “Being a young Leaver at uni can be quite lonely so it’s about saying there are other people like you.

“We provide a framework for young Leavers to socialise and in the event of a second referendum we will have the infrastructure to put messages about the positive outcomes of leaving out there to campuses.”

Robert admits he would like to see more upbeat messaging about international commerce and trade deals coming from organisations supporting Leave.

He also says he is a supporter of the Conservative Party but would not be drawn on whether he had further political ambitions himself.

Find out more about the campaign by visiting www.studentsforbrexit.com or following it on Twitter @Brexit4Students