Postal pilot gives mail to neighbour

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THE Royal Mail is to trial a new initiative in Wigan and Leigh to make it easier for people who are not at home during the day to receive their items.

The new arrangement will mean that parcels can be delivered to a neighbouring address if no one is at home or they are too big to fit through the letterbox.

A total of 120,000 addresses on more than 210 delivery rounds in areas covered by the borough’s delivery office are part of the trial.

The idea was approved by the regulator following a public consultation and is part of a process of bringing Royal Mail’s terms and conditions more in line with other delivery companies.

Royal Mail is the only major delivery company that is not allowed to deliver to a neighbour as part of its standard practice.

Independent research by Tpoll on behalf of Royal Mail during public consultation revealed that 91.55 per cent of people supported the delivery of undeliverable items to neighbours if they had the ability to opt out.

Less than four per cent were not in favour of the trial.

Royal Mail has written to all addresses in the trial area informing them of the initiative and giving the opportunity for people to opt out if they want to.

Further information is also available at

The trial is planned to run until February 22.