Pothole peril for drivers

Cale Lane pot hole
Cale Lane pot hole
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DRIVERS had a lucky escape after this huge hole developed in middle of a busy Wigan road.

New Springs resident Vince McCarthy said a large void had developed under the surface of Cale Lane but he blames the high speed of heavy traffic for finally collapsing the asphlat road surface “crust”.

The Residents’ Association chairman believes the size of the pit strengthens their long-running calls for a mandatory 20 mph speed limit for scrap. building waste and bakery lorries using the route to access industrial premises at the far end.

Mr McCarthy said: “I have been saying for years that Cale Lane was not built to stand the type and volume of traffic that is using it.

“The weight and vibration of that traffic is doing untold damage to the sub-structure which has now shown up with this big hole.

“The volume,the weight and the speed of heavy vehicles and the vibrations they cause is damaging not only the road but possibly also to the fabric of our properties and plainly this lane was never built for this sort of punishment.”

Aspull New Springs Coun John Hilton pledged to continue his long running campaign to have a mandatory 20mph speed limit imposed on all traffic using Cale Lane.

He said: “I have been trying for the last couple of years to get the traffic reduced to 20mph for the full length of Cale Lane because we do have a 20mph limit outside the primary school, although that was advisory.

“We have had rocks falling off lorries, lumps of metal, even a complete scrap car coming off a trailer and yet when I took it to the Traffic Management Unit just a few weeks ago and presented a passionate case for the 20mph limit, I was told again and again that, although sympathetic, it wasn’t worth imposing because the Police wouldn’t enforce it.”

Council Head of Infrastructure at Wigan Council (Places Directorate) Mark Tilley said that United Utilities were carrying out a repair following a depression appearing in the carriageway which came about as a result of a suspected water leak, that had affected the structure of the highway.

He said: “The type and size of vehicle, or the speed of traffic, has no bearing on this structural failure.”

Full structural repairs, he said, would happen tomorrow (Friday)..