Praise for Wigan Council's plans to terminate lease for Haigh Hall Hotel

Haigh Hall Hotel
Haigh Hall Hotel

The announcement that town hall bosses want to terminate the lease with the hotel company running Haigh Hall has been welcomed by Wiganers.

Wigan Today reported yesterday that Wigan Council chiefs had given marching orders to Contessa because it had failed to honour the terms of its contract.

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There have been a host of complaints from members of the public since the firm converted the historic building into Haigh Hall Hotel.

Campaign group Friends of Haigh Hall Heritage and Open Access For All said it was "cautiously optimistic" and thanked everyone who had supported them.

Members had attended meetings with council bosses and praised them for listening to their concerns.

A group spokesman said: "Whilst we are absolutely delighted that the breaches in the lease are now being enforced, we are cautiously optimistic and appreciate it's not over yet.

"This campaign has never been about the hall being turned into a hotel, which we welcomed, but about the failures on the promises that were made and the restrictions to public access.

"We are a small group with fantastic support from thousands of local residents and visitors from further afield whom we are truly grateful to.

"Thanks also to Andrew Nowell, at the paper, for his support and highlighting the issues.

"We will continue to monitor the situation and continue to push for the formal public right of way."

People across the borough welcomed the council's action.

Campaigner Karen Woodward, who attended protests at the park, said: "I'm so overwhelmed at the decision. At long last someone has listened to the people of Wigan.

"Now the real hard work begins, but please Wigan Council, listen to us Wigan folk, consult with us before any more stupid rash decisions please.

"But the last word goes from me, a heartfelt Wiganer, to all those who have campaigned tirelessly, you have my gratitude, and to the council for finally seeing sense at long last."

Many people also took to the Wigan Today Facebook page to give their views on the lease being terminated.

Eileen Traynor wrote: "Brilliant news a little bit of Wigan back."

Michael Lynch said: "Well done to Wigan Council for taking decisive action to protect an asset of the town."

Jackie Farrell said: "Brilliant news, well done to all who have worked hard to achieve this result."

June Roby said: "Brilliant news should go back to weddings, function rooms, Sunday lunch etc and to be able to walk freely around the hall."

Margaret Rowcroft said: "People power may have swayed the opinion of council. Thanks to all who supported the campaign."

Jack Fagan said: "Good to hear our voice is clear and not before time we don't want our local trustees in future giving away our historic rights and ways."

Wigan Today has attempted to contact hotel director Craig Baker but has not yet received a response.