Precious memories stolen

Ian Holland
Ian Holland

A WIGAN couple are appealing for the return of a mislaid camcorder’s “precious” memory card.

Ian Holland and his friend Lisa Birchall from Standish accept there is little chance of getting the valuable Panasonic digital movie camera back again.

They accidentally left or lost it in the rear of the 11.45pm K and M Taxi they caught to return them to the village from a happy wedding celebration held at Rivington Barn on Saturday, November 5.

The cab firm has fruitlessly searched its vehicles and now believe that a subsequent fare may have walked away with it.

But the couple is now appealing for the finder to return the memory card, at the very least, because of its highly personal and irreplaceable contents.

The finder is asked to return it anonymously to the Wigan Evening Post at Martland Mill and we will pass it on.

The camcorder itself actually belonged to Lisa’s daughter Louise Stafford and her husband Martin, who also live in Standish. Ian and Lisa had agreed to take it to the wedding on their behalf to record the happy day because they were unable to attend the occasion themselves because of her recent caesarean section for the birth of her second child just a week earlier.

The family is particularly upset at the loss of the camera because its memory card also contains irreplaceable film of Lisa’s grandson Thomas from his baby days and growing up.

Mr Holland said: “We must have accidentally left the camcorder in the back of the taxi we caught back to Standish.

“My girlfriend had it in her handbag and must have taken it out when we getting the money together to pay for the journey or it fell out when she was having a rummage.

“It was some time later when we realised the mistake and phoned the cab company straight away.

“They have had a good look and can’t find anything and we now believe that a subsequent passengers the cab carried thought the day will have found it and walked off with it.

“Cameras can be replaced but the memories they contain can’t and the memory card has great emotional value to us and we would be so grateful to get it back, even if the camcorder itself doesn’t come back.

“Aswell as all the happy scenes from, the wedding for Louise and Martin it also contains film of their son Ian when he was a baby and that really is irreplaceable.

“Of course we are very upset about losing the thing and if we could at least get the memory card back, that would go so way to making amends. The pictures are the only record the family have of Thomas as a baby and growing up.”

Contact Richard Bean on 01942 506275 if you can help.