Pregnancy nightmare for TV Kym

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KYM Marsh has spoken for the first time about her pregnancy nightmare.

The 34-year-old actress, who hails from Ashton, has revealed that for the second time, she is experiencing complications with her baby, who she has revealed is a girl.

As Kym, who is engaged to Hollyoaks hunk Jamie Lomas, gave birth to her son Archie at 21 weeks two years ago and he died, she was classed as a high-risk patient and this time around she has been monitored closely by doctors.

She has been diagnosed with a weak cervix, meaning it will struggle to stay closed during pregnancy and can cause premature birth or late pregnancy.

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, Kym had to have stitches to prolong the pregnancy and stop the cervix from opening in order to prevent her from losing the baby.

She is now on medication and was forced to go on maternity leave from Coronation Street for fears she might lose her baby.

She said: “If I’d been working, I wouldn’t have her now - we would have lost her.

“It’s been really difficult - a nightmare in fact.

“It is not looking likely that we will go anywhere near my due date.

“I’ve pretty much been on modified bed rest since the beginning of December. We’ve been very lucky because had we not been watched as closely I would have lost the baby.

“Now we have got this far, the outlook is much better.

“We’ve got a lot on our side. She’s been a right little wriggler since 17 weeks. I know she is a little fighter.”

Fiance Jamie said: “We were worried at the beginning and if she did come early there would be complications, but we have a good feeling about her.

“Kym seems to be doing really well at the moment, so we’re hoping she will go past 26 weeks.”

Jamie also revealed that following Archie’s death and the emotional turmoil it caused them, the couple briefly split up for a week, but were soon reunited.

He added the pair were planning to marry on February 11 in a ceremony abroad but when Kym found out she was pregnant they decided to wait until after the birth.

Kym admitted that following all the complications, she does not want any more children.

She said: “I couldn’t go through all this again - it’s too heartbreaking.

“It’s been a rubbish time, but it’s lovely when we see her on the scan and I can feel her wriggling.

“She’s our little miracle.”