Prison for breaching restraining order

Crime story
Crime story

A WIGAN dad has been jailed for checking his ex-girlfriend was okay.

Martin Peter Green, of Morris Street, Scholes, admitted breaching his restraining order three times when he appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ Court.

The 32-year-old had been charged with attending the home address of ex-partner Emma Ruddy on February 20; making several phone calls to Miss Ruddy on February 23 and approaching her on February 26, which violated his restraining order.

The father-of-two had also breached a previous restraining order, placed in September, by sending text messages, for which he was currently in custody for.

Carl Gaffney, prosecuting, said: “This man’s life is in a bit of a mess. He concedes all the breaches. “All his breaches are benign in nature, as he is either sending messages saying he misses her or asking if she is okay.

“Although one of the offences was physical in attending her house, he is not posing a threat. But the aggravating features are the numbers and the fact they happened whilst he was on bail.

“It has now reached a tipping point.”

Melissa Fagan, defending, said: “The defendant has had problems with accommodation and he found himself reaching out to the complainant and wanting to form ties with her, looking for an invite to return to the address,

“His breaches have been pathetic in nature, asking about trying to rekindle their relationship and there have been no threats of violence.

“It is disappointing that he appears in custody - he has blotted a relatively good record of abiding his court orders.”

The court also heard that while in custody, he caused criminal damage, by scratching his name in his cell.

Ms Fagan added: “He admitted it and realises it was a stupid thing to do.”

Green was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison and was given another restraining order.