Prison staff commended following cell fire at Hindley prison

Hindley Prison
Hindley Prison

Firefighters have commended prison staff for dealing with a cell fire at HMP Hindley.

Hindley crews were called to the prison this afternoon to reports that an inmate had started a blaze in his cell by burning “flammable materials”.

On arrival, firefighters found that the flames had been extinguished by wardens, who dealt with the issue “effectively, as usual”.

Watch manager Mark Anderson said: “We don’t know precisely how he lit the fire, but it was in a foil food tray.

“There was evidence of wood and paper, flammable materials, inside - but it was all destroyed when we arrived.

“Prison staff dealt with the incident effectively, as they always do. They all really care about the safety of the inmates.

“Whenever we turn up to reports of a fire, we rarely have to put anything out as it has always been handled promptly by the prison officers.”

No one was injured in the incident.