Prisoners hospitalised after ‘taking legal highs’

Hindley Young Offenders Institute
Hindley Young Offenders Institute

THREE prisoners required hospital treatment after apparently taking so called legal highs, according a Ministry of Justice report.

The report, which has been seen by the BBC, explains that one inmate at Hindley Young Offenders Institute suffered a cardiac arrest and two others stopped breathing after they were found “acting strangely”.

All three were taken to Wigan Infirmary for treatment according to The Prison Service Daily Operations Report.

The incidents happened between January 1 and 3.

A Prison Services spokesperson said: “Governors use sniffer dogs, cell searches and mandatory drugs tests to find drugs in prison and punish those responsible.

“We have also passed laws so that people who smuggle packages over prison walls, including drugs, face up to two years in prison.

“However, it’s clear we need to do more. The Justice Secretary has asked the Ministry of Justice to look at how we can ensure prisons have the right tools in place to tackle this problem.”