Property landlord’s fatal decline into alcoholism

Mark Morrisey
Mark Morrisey

TRIBUTES have been paid to a Wigan dad who lost his battle with alcoholism at the age of just 42.

Mark Morrissey’s body was found in his flat at Douglas House, Scholes, last week and his death is believed to be drink-related.

According to his father today, Mark had hit the bottle and “lost control” when he lost a number of properties he owned.

Originally from the Republic of Ireland, Mr Morrissey and his brothers moved to Wigan and acquired a number of homes for letting. However, five years ago, a lot of his stock was subject to a compulsory purchase order by the council.

Along with his brothers, he felt he was never given enough money by the council nor time to bring the properties up to the standard required by the council.

Father Walter said his son’s life thereafter spiralled downwards, he turned to drink and never recovered.

But Mr Morrissey Snr today paid tribute to Mark, who he says was a “bubbly man” with a lot to live for.

He said: “It is so tragic. My son was extremely out-going and had so much to live for. He had a very bright future.

“I don’t think he was treated fairly. His other brothers managed to recover and got themselves decent jobs when they lost the property but Mark struggled.

“He leaves behind his four children and grandchildren who he loved so much. He was devastated that drink had taken over his life and it ultimately took him away in the end.”

Mr Morrissey said that Mark had never managed to hold down another job after losing the homes.

But his family have said they will remember him for what he was before his troubles.

Mr Morrissey added that had he been given the time to develop his property, Mark would have become a rich man as would his brothers.