Psychic: 'I know where Helen is'

A psychic believes he can end a Wigan mum's agony over her murdered daughter.

For the past 17 years, Marie McCourt has fought a ceaseless battle to find the body of her 22-year-old daughter, Helen, who was murdered by a Billinge publican in 1988.

Her life's hope is to give her a proper funeral.

Now Liverpool professional medium Joe Power says he knows Helen's final resting place.

And he has told Merseyside Police her body lies in Carr Lane, between her village and Prescot, possibly in or near an old fishing lodge.

He also says he knows the 16-mile route evil pub landlord Ian Simm – convicted of her murder in 1989 – had taken before dumping her.

Simms, he claims, took Helen from Billinge to Up Holland, Hall Green, West Pimbo, Eccleston and then on to Prescot.

Power, who has his own weekly live psychic show on Sky TV, Your Destiny, claims he has been able to piece together the location after "seeing and hearing" Helen's spirit and now says police have to backtrack if they are to solve the 17-year-old mystery.

He has also given readings for grieving mother Marie, who has vowed not to rest until she has found her daughter's body.

Helen, he says, has drawn him to a variety of places which piece together to give clues to her final resting place.

Joe says that Helen has been "coming to see me" for the past three and a half years, and he is able to see and hear her with the help of a spirit guide.

But it has taken him this time to assemble the information into an understandable form.

Helen, he claims, has told him the words "Carr Lane" and "North West Water" and he has been shown a shopping trolley, a watercourse and a metal grid or grill.

He now believes she is near a fishing lodged called The Nook.

Helen McCourt, of Standish Avenue, was killed after leaving Royal Insurance in Liverpool on February 9, 1988.

She boarded a bus back home to Billinge and was never seen again. Her remains have never been found.

George and Dragon publican Simms was convicted of her murder despite protesting his innocence - but has never revealed where the body is.

Police forensic scientists matched her final hours to the pub, now The Jarvis Bar, in Main Street.

Joe Power's startling claim five years ago that he could speak to the dead has already seem him involved in high profile murder investigations.

Mrs McCourt said that she wanted to find Helen's body "more desperately than ever" – but had to treat such leads with caution.

Mrs McCourt said: "Joe Power has contacted me and seems to have a gift."

Merseyside Police say that the investigation into finding Helen's body is still open and any information "from any source" will be assessed.