PT Studio is Wigan’s top gym... again

Trainers and members at The PT Studio
Trainers and members at The PT Studio

A Wigan gym has been crowned the best in Wigan for the second year running.

The PT Studio has once again scooped the Evening Post’s Gym of the Year contest, beating Foundation Gym at Central Park Academy who finished second.

To win again shows that how much it means to our members. We were up against some big gyms in the area

Steve Barlow, owner of the PT Studio

Since January we have asked you to vote for who you thought should be given the coveted crown of the best gym in the area. We wanted you to take into consideration what it was that you thought gave your gym the edge, what lifted it above its rivals and gave you what you wanted.

And you did, thanks to the strength of this year’s entrants we’ve had hundreds of votes registered for the gyms that featured in the top 10. But in the end there could be only one winner, The PT Studio.

In second place came Foundation Gym. We thank all the gyms that participated and hope that they all enter again next year to see if they can win in 2017!

PT Studio, owner Steve Barlow says he was overwhelmed to have been voted in once again as the best in the borough.

The Queen Street fitness club has enjoyed fantastic success since it opened.

So much so that it is moving to a bigger premises on Leeds Street, off Miry Lane, next month.

But its current base has seen some remarkable results with members changing their lives through body transformation challenges and personal training.

“We are absolutely made up,” said Steve.

“To win again shows that how much it means to our members. We were up against some big gyms in the area.

“Due to how popular we have become we are moving to a bigger place not too far away.

“Over the last year we have got a lot more members and have had even more great results through body transformation challenges.”

The PT Studio offers results-based training and Steve says that he and his staff ensure that everyone feels welcome.

Members are also given mentors who help with training and also nutritional advice. Classes range from body blitz bootcamps to body fitness and modified athletic strongman training.

Fore more information see or search PT Studio on Facebook.