Puppy ‘thrown’ onto main road

The traffic lights at Lily Lane, Platt Bridge, where a puppy was thown from a car
The traffic lights at Lily Lane, Platt Bridge, where a puppy was thown from a car

A HELPLESS puppy was left to die after it fell or was thrown from a van in Wigan.

Sickened animal care experts today spoke of their distress after the six-week-old terrier pup was fatally injured in an incident on Lily Lane, Platt Bridge on December 30.

The driver of the vehicle – thought to have been a white Volkswagen van – fled the scene and the black and tan coloured dog later died from its injuries.

RSPCA inspector for Wigan borough, Louise Showering, said that she has not seen anything like it in her seven years with the charity and is asking for witnesses to come forward.

She said: “This is a terrible incident. We are used to seeing dogs abandoned on our doorstep or with their leads tied to lampposts and left but nothing like this – being thrown or fallen out of a moving vehicle.

“The puppy died shortly after from the impact injuries, we estimate it was between four to six weeks old and was still very small but appeared to have been in an okay condition.

“After what happened it was bleeding from its head although it still tried to stand up and make its way to the pavement but just collapsed.

“Other vehicles stopped to help and so did a few passers-by but the driver of the white van didn’t stop. “We’re trying to track down the driver, we don’t know if the puppy fell or was thrown but either way we want to investigate further.”

The incident was reported to Wigan Police and a spokesman confirmed they had received a call just before 11am to reports of a dog being pushed from a vehicle and that the matter was now being dealt with by the RSPCA.

Ms Showering, 35, thanked the passers-by who attempted to help the dying dog but asked for any others with information to come forward.

She said: “We want to know more about the circumstances in which something like this could have happened. There were people around and a few gave us their eye-witness accounts and helped to save the pup.

“But there must be more people who saw something and maybe they could identify the van.

“We want to emphasise that if people are struggling to look after their pets then there are better options than to resort to something like this.

“If you are worried about not being to care for your pets’ litters then the RSPCA does offer a neutering service.”

Anyone with information can contact the animal protection charity anonymously through their call centre 0300 1234 999.