Race abuse neighbour hit with ban

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A WIGAN woman has been hit with a court injunction for racially abusing neighbours.

Adactus Housing Association took immediate action after it was alleged that one of its tenants was racially abused and threatened by a neighbour at a home it owns in Whelley.

Complaints were received by Adactus Anti-Social Behaviour Officer Emma Bradshaw about a 47-year-old woman from Wigan who, it was alleged threatened to “smash the face in” of a 17-year-old girl and told her to “get back to Ireland” and used an abusive name.

Later the same day, it was alleged that the woman was also verbally abusive towards the girl’s mother.

Ms Bradshaw said: “When I spoke to our complainants they were both understandably terrified of leaving their home, as they had to walk past the neighbour’s house.

“The threats seem to have been made because of a complaint about dogs barking, which we believe was nothing to do with our complainants.

“The family refused to go out of the property unless they were in pairs as they were worried about the woman’s threats and wary about what she might do.”

ASB Manager, Debbie Parkinson said: “It was clear that we had to act quickly in order to offer some protection and reassurance to our tenants.

“We applied to Wigan County Court for an injunction and managed to serve this on the woman within 24 hours. The injunction order bans her from using or threatening to use violence or approaching the family.”

The woman was given the opportunity to attend at court to defend the allegations but failed to turn up.

The injunction order will remain in place for 12 months and if it is breached the woman could be charged with contempt of court and risks being sent to prison.