Racist attackers have left family living in fear

Crime story
Crime story

A WIGAN carer has spoken of his fear for his family after being targeted by youth gangs hurling racist abuse.

Zuber Tantwala told the Evening Post frequent attacks on his Scholes home have left his elderly mother in a distressed state.

And the dad-of-five is concerned what will happen if the gang behaviour gets any worse.

Council officials have offered the 52-year-old a house-swap but he has turned it down.

He said: “I’ve haven’t done the crime, I’m not the one who should be punished. Why should I move from the house I have lived in for years, this is a good area.

“I’m a neighbourhood watch officer here and I like living here but I am being targeted. Somebody needs to take some responsibility.”

Mr Tantwala said his house is often pelted with eggs and he himself has been hit in the head by the missiles when he opened the door to remonstrate with the youth gangs.

As soon as the frontage of his St Patricks Way home has been cleaned, the yobs return with more eggs.

And if he leaves his house he is subjected to racial abuse, he said.

He added: “It is eggs and flour today, but what could it be tomorrow? My mother is 82 and the last attack caused her to lock herself in our bathroom because she was so scared.”

Mr Tantwala, who is a full-time carer for his mother, has contacted the authorities about his plight but feels because the area is not classed as an anti-social behaviour (ASB) hotspot, not enough is being done to help him.

His mother has since been admitted to hospital following another attack on the house.

He said: “I have lived in Wigan for more than 20 years and in Scholes for a lot of that time. I have established a community here with Neighbourhood Watch where everyone helps each other out.

“But nobody else is making complaints because it is me who is being targeted, I’m left feeling vulnerable. It’s between 6.30 and 9pm in the evening, if there was a police patrol seen in the area, they would be thinking twice about doing this.”

Greater Manchester Police said the incidents are part of a neighbourhood investigation.

Sgt Adam Wall from Wigan division, said: “The Neighbourhood Team responsible for the Scholes area will continue with their attempts to identify the offenders and have been to see the victim at as his address today.

“The address targeted will feature as part of our Neighbourhood Patrol Plans.

“Regardless of whether a specific area suffers a disproportionate amount of ASB, we will always seek to protect those individuals who report specific incidents.

“I would urge any member of the Community who could assist police with identifying the offenders to contact us immediately.”