Rapist ‘monster’ jailed

Jailed for 10 years: rapist Kenneth Jolley
Jailed for 10 years: rapist Kenneth Jolley

A BRUTAL rapist who attacked a 32-year-old woman in her Wigan home “like a monster” has been jailed for 10 years.

A judge told 41-year-old Kenneth Jolley: “It is clear to me that when you are in drink, as was the situation that night, you can lose control of yourself and be intimidating and frightening.”

Judge Graham Morrow, QC, said that the victim had told how they had been having a good time until he suddenly turned nasty after she turned down his advances. He ordered him to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Jolley, of Broadway, Hindley, had been at his victim’s home drinking and watching the Grand National on television this year, and the woman said that the day had been “brilliant” until “the Devil got into his head.”

Her ordeal began after she rejected his request to have a relationship and he dragged her upstairs by the hair.

“The attack was ferocious and sustained. She was forced onto the bed and he punched her knocking her unconscious. The violent assault was sufficient to break the bed,” said Michael Scholes, prosecuting.

“When she came round she found herself naked and her arms tied to the bed...He was naked on top of her with his hand over her mouth.

“She pleaded with him but he punched her again and he had his hands around her throat. Eventually he raped her.”

During the eight-day trial, the victim told the Liverpool Crown Court jury: “He punched me until I was knocked out again. He had his hand over my mouth and I couldn’t breathe.

“He was just like a monster. He kept knocking me out and that must have been when he did it. Sick, sick, sick.”

After “he had his way with her” Jolley left the house and after she grabbed some clothes she followed him outside where he had become embroiled in a row with a neighbour. Police officers who happened to be in the area arrested him, said Mr Scholes.

The victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was found to have bruise and abrasions to her face, chest and arms and marks on her neck consistent with his hands around her throat.

Jolley denied raping and assaulting her causing actual bodily harm on April 9 but was convicted after a trial by a majority of 10 to two.

Paul Treble, defending, said that Jolley said he did not want to minimise the offence but the woman voluntarily involved herself in sexual practices where she was tied up.

He added that Jolley, who has convictions but none for sexual offences, concedes he had behaved “disgracefully.”