Rapper sets bad Example

Example performs on the main stage at the V Festival in Weston Park
Example performs on the main stage at the V Festival in Weston Park

WIGAN was left stunned after a rap star blasted the town on Twitter.

Example caused widespread anger among locals today after claiming that he gets more abuse on social network sites from the town than anywhere else.

The London-based performer also said that Wigan needs a “block button” to gag all the folk giving him grief.

The regular Twitter user, who has visited the town only once, Example (real name Elliot John Gleave) singled out the town for special censure saying: “What Twitter needs is a block button for the whole of Wigan. Most abuse I get comes from Wigan. Are there any nice people in Wigan?.”

The mauling inevitably caused a backlash in the virtual world with many championing the area. One proud individual, @davehigham83, said: “@example bit harsh generalising a whole town just because of a few idiots. Every town/city has their idiots.”

Others, however, stuck up for the artist, one tweet reading: “@dylannash @example let me no some names, ill send some lads round #kingofwigan ha.”

Example replied: “@dylannash @leepato82 hahahaha.”

This isn’t the first time the rapper has made barbed remarks about the town.

Addressing more than 1,500,00 followers on the social media site about his most recent and only visit to the centre earlier in summer this year, he tweeted: “I take it Wiganers don’t drink green tea after the reaction I just got when I asked for one in Starbucks.”

Since the backlash, many are demanding to hear reasons as to why he wants a block button on the town.

Cabinet Champion for Leisure and Culture, Chris Ready said: “It’s totally out of order for him to say that if he has only been to Wigan once.

“I challenge him to come here and I will take him around the borough and introduce him to the kind-hearted people here who keep this town alive.

“It is a well known fact that people from Wigan and people who choose to move here rarely move away because it is such a welcoming, lovely, vibrant place.

“Maybe the rapper needs rapping.”

The music artist first found success after the release of his second album which featured the top 10 singles Kickstarts and Won’t Go Quietly. His third album then debuted at number one in the album charts and included the number one hits, Changed the Way You Kiss Me and Stay Awake.