Rare toy car stolen from toddler

Ian with Rafael
Ian with Rafael
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An angry Wigan dad has blasted thieves for stealing his toddler son’s rare toy car.

The miniature Model T Ford was one of three-year-old Rafael Livesey’s most prized possessions after his cameraman father gifted it to him after it was used in a film he was shooting.

Rafael in the car before it was stolen

Rafael in the car before it was stolen

But the little vehicle was snatched from the yard of the family home in Swinley as they slept.

Ian Livesey has appealed for anyone knowing of the unusual vehicle’s whereabouts to give him a ring or report it to police.

He says this is the latest in an increasingly worrying spate of crimes in Swinley and has called on police to increase patrols there. But when he rang 101 to report the crime he was told that resources were short and that he should write to his MP to lobby the government which had cut police funding.

Ian lives with wife Yescica, Rafael and daughters Veronica, 19, and Emilia, four, in Edward Street.

It was a week ago that the car, bearing number plate 1938 and painted by Ian gun-metal grey, went missing.

He said: “It is a lovely little car. It’s like one that Laurel and Hardy used to drive and I bet there isn’t another one like it in Wigan.

“I bought it for a short film I was making and when I was finished with it I gave it to Rafael who loved playing with


“On Monday last week I went to London and back in a day and the car was left in the front yard. I got back at night and didn’t see it but a neighbour later said it was still there then. But the next morning it had gone.

“Who on earth steals children’s toys? Is nothing sacred?

“Someone suggested it had been taken for scrap but, whatever the reason, it’s a disgrace.

“We think someone got into next door’s yard, leaned over and took it.

“It’s the latest of quite a lot of crimes in the area. Someone had their York stone flags nicked the other day while they were asleep and drug dealers meet up the road.

“I rang 101 to report the theft and said they should increase patrols in Swinley but they said there weren’t the resources and I should write to my MP and get them to press for increased funding!”

Anyone who knows of the whereabouts of the car can ring Ian on 07971 106596. Alternatively ring police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.