Record high pass rates

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THE proportion of 11-year -olds in Wigan reaching the expected level for Maths and English is at a record high according to official figures.

Results from Sats tests taken by all 11-year-olds in England in May showed the percentage achieving level four or above in English and Maths was at 84 per cent - up from 77 per cent in 2011.

Girls once again out performed boys by seven per cent (87 - 80) according to the latest statistics released by the Department for Education.

The average figure of 84 per cent for all primary school children in the borough achieving the expected level four target was four per cent above the national average of 80 per cent.

The previous high in Wigan was 80 per cent in 2010.

Nationally the DofE reported a six per cent rise in 11-year-olds hitting the Level Four target in both English and Maths.

The method of assessing pupils’ writing skills changed in 2012 so the results are not comparable with previous years.

There was no externally marked test in writing and the subject’s score was solely based on teacher assessment, which gave a figure of 84 per cent (81 per cent nationally) reaching the expected level. The figure for writing in 2011, based on externally marked test results, was 75 per cent.

A DofE spokesman said: “This suggests that there would have been a gap between test and teacher assessment outcomes for all pupils at national level.

“Some difference between test and teacher assessment results can be expected as the outcomes are measured in different ways.

A teacher assessment is the teacher’s judgement of a pupil’s performance across the curriculum and the academic year, whereas the tests assess a sample of the curriculum for specific pupils on the day of the tests.

“There is evidence to support a real increase in the percentage of pupils achieving the expected level this year.

“However, as no information on writing teacher assessment is available for previous years and the writing sample test results are not directly comparable to test arrangements in previous years, the evidence for a real increase in attainment in writing is less strong.”

Girls outperformed boys in all areas of the Key Stage Two tests.

Elizabeth Truss, Minister for Education and Childcare, said: “I congratulate pupils, teachers and families on their hard work and achievements. The Government is committed to driving up standards by giving teachers more freedom, strengthening discipline and improving teacher quality.”