Religious man had cannabis plants

Cannabis plants
Cannabis plants
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A RELIGIOUS man grew cannabis plants as he thought God would not want him to spend money on the drug, a court heard.

Andrew Potter admitted trying to produce the illegal substance at his home in Holborn Avenue, Worsley Mesnes, when he appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ 

Justices heard that the 39-year-old was a God-fearing man and was duped by his brother who told him that the Holy Spirit would prefer him to grow cannabis, rather than waste cash on it.

Gill Petrovic, prosecuting, told the court that on May 25, Potter had an argument with his brother, Stuart, which resulted in the latter injuring his thumb.

Enraged, Stuart Potter phoned the police and told officers that his brother was growing the crop in the attic.

Following a search, officers found 19 plants and lighting equipment as well as scales, small plastic bags with cannabis, plus an instruction book.

When questioned Potter admitted cultivating the drug, but said it was his brother’s idea.

Ms Petrovic said: “Potter said at first he was dubious and asked ‘what would God think about it?’ to which his brother said ‘God would not want him to spend money on it’.”

She added that Potter had given his brother money to buy an instruction manual and over time they had bought the relevant equipment.

The pair fed the plants and were waiting for the crop to grow.

Andrea Woods, defending, said her client had some mental health issues and added: “The drugs were bit grown in order to sell, but were for personal consumption.

“His brother persuaded him to set up the farm using his fear of God.

“It seems this was a joint enterprise, but there was no proof his brother was involved.”

She added that Potter invited his brother to live with him in a bid to support him with his drug issues help him disassociate from bad influences,

Potter also pleaded guilty to assaulting Stuart.

The altercation occurred when Potter asked his brother to move out of his house, after he felt he was being disrespectful. As the victim had his hands on the door frame, the defendant pushed him away, unintentionally twisting his thumb back.

Potter was given a 12-month community order for each offence, which will run concurrently, a 12-week curfew and ordered to pay £200 court costs and £60 compensation.