Repairs to '˜worst' car park in Wigan

Has the car park branded Wigan's worst finally been given something of a makeover?

Wednesday, 30th May 2018, 12:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th May 2018, 12:37 pm
The current condition of the car park

For months the former town hall site has been the focus of complaints about huge and damaging pot holes which have caused vehicles damage and led others to struggle to escape.

The problem was first flagged up last year by regular Bolton visitor Samantha Graham, who described it as “the worst car park” she had ever seen.

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The car park before work was carried out

But then for months it was observed that nothing had happened.

The Wigan Post made several further attempts to contact the company for an update but received no response.

However, in the last few days, work has been carried out to in-fill some of the craters in the car park with planings.

But Ms Graham is not entirely satisfied.

She said: “I did come to Wigan the other day and noticed that they had part-filled some of the holes.

“However, there are still major holes round the corner past the entrance which, although part filled, are not enough to stop cars from driving very slowly.

“And when it’s wet drivers have absolute horror on their faces as they have no idea how deep it is, and what possible damage it is doing to their car.

“Yes, they have half-heartedly chucked a shovel of gravel in to a few pits.

“But it is still not safe and the holes are still there.

“There is a mound of gravel on the edge of the car park, which I assume they are using to shovel into the odd ditch.

“And there’s still the massive piece of cement sticking out as you drive past the entrance and turn the corner.

“For the sake of public safety it should be resurfaced correctly.”

The land is owned by foreign investors and appears on a Wigan Council brownfield register as suitable for commercial redevelopment.

It was handed over to private investors years ago after the dangerously unstable former civic buildings had to be demolished.

Several plans have been submitted since to develop the land but none has come to fruition so far.

In recent years, the vacant site has been used as a car park operated by Euro Car Parks and been handy for providing extra vehicle spaces for visitors to the town centre.

The Wigan Post made a further attempt to contact Euro Car Parks but received no reply.