Rescued seal Dumbledore fighting for his life

Dumbledore stranded in the farmer's field
Dumbledore stranded in the farmer's field

A SEAL rescued from a farmer’s field on the outskirts of Wigan is described as being in a “serious but stable” condition.

The young adult grey seal, which has been named Dumbledore by RSPCA staff, was spotted stranded in a field at Red Bank Farm three days before Christmas.

He was thought to have made his way to the farm via a tiny brook - ending up some 20 miles away from the Mersey estuary.

Now under observation at the RSPCA’s East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk, he was given anti-biotics after being diagnosed with pneumonia - but remains unwell.

East Winch manager Alison Charles said: “Poor Dumbledore is still very poorly but we are doing everything we can to improve his condition.

“At the moment he is still on antibiotics for pneumonia and has little appetite but we are hoping he will start to make an improvement soon.

“We have changed his antibiotics in the hope that that will make a difference.”

She added: “He was in a bad way when he came in to RSPCA care and so we are guarded about his prognosis. Only time will tell but we’re hoping he will pull through.”

The centre currently has around 40 sick seals on site, all of which have been given names relating to the Harry Potter books.