Resident’s double yellow line dispute

Fred Parr
Fred Parr

A PENSIONER has spoken of his anger at being unable to park outside his own house if a council scheme to improve road safety goes ahead.

Fred Parr, who has lived at his home in Tyldesley for 23 years, faces the prospect of having to leave his car on the other side of Sale Lane if double yellow lines are painted outside his house next week.

The council claims the lines are necessary to improve sight lines for drivers using the junction with Parkfield Drive.

However, retired engineer Mr Parr says a ward councillor previously helped him campaign against painting the lines in front of his house around 18 months ago, and is annoyed the authority has reversed its earlier decision.

Mr Parr, 70, said: “I believe the council changed its mind because a petition with around 190 signatures on it was sent in, and I think it stinks.

“I sent them a comprehensive appeal but I wasn’t contacted and just saw a note in the paper saying the lines were being extended. 
I suppose I could find somewhere else to park but that’s not the point.”

Wigan Council admitted it had received complaints from residents after workmen laid down 10 metres of yellow lines on Sale Lane, but said the decision to extend the lines had been taken by officers.

Mark Tilley, head of infrastructure, said: “Following the introduction of limited parking restrictions, residents continued to raise concerns that restricted visibility due to parked vehicles was making the junction with Parkfield Drive dangerous.

“A report recommended parking restrictions be extended. An objection was received from a resident. It was decided to continue with the extended restrictions to improve visibility .

“This decision was made in keeping with the statutory process and the objector was informed in writing.”