Residents’anger at pile of stones

The large pile of stones at the back of homes on Cemetery Road, Lower Ince
The large pile of stones at the back of homes on Cemetery Road, Lower Ince

FURIOUS residents are demanding plans for a storage yard are turned down after a huge pile of stone and cobbles was dumped just metres from their homes.

Tonnes of stone has been placed in a yard to the rear of a row of terraced houses on Cemetery Road, in Lower Ince, with the pile of building material dwarfing fences and separated from the houses only by a narrow walkway used for access to the properties’ bins.

The business responsible for the stone pile, Stonescape UK, has now applied to Wigan Council for retrospective planning permission to turn the former Bambers concrete yard into a permanent storage venue.

However, residents and property owners on Cemetery Road have responded with fury to the development and demanded Wigan Council blocks the application for planning permission.

Nicole Sinclair, 50, said: “I rent a property out on the road and my tenants handed back the keys saying the pile of stone was the reason they moved out.

“I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

“There’s children living in this row of houses and I’m really worried about their safety when playing out in the gardens.

“In some places the pile of stone is nearly as high as the houses.

“It’s just appalling. There isn’t even a turning for the wagons backing out onto the road and there’s going to be an accident.”

Residents also expressed fears over dust pollution from the stone yard when workers are moving the cobbles around, saying that dust getting into houses on Cemetery Road was a nuisance several years back before two of the businesses who owned yards in the area went bankrupt.

The residents’ battle against the planning application is also being backed by ward councillor David Molyneux.

Coun Molyneux said: “I have requested the planning committee consider this application as I feel very strongly that if they see it they will understand fully the residents’ concerns.

“I can clearly see the problems they envisage and I fully support their campaign against the proposal.”

Stonescape were approached for comment but said they were unable to deal with the request as the Wigan Evening Post went to press.

A date for Wigan Council to consider the application has yet to be confirmed.