Residents cut off after damaged cable

Scene of the new housing development, Kitt Green Mews, on Kitt Green Road, Wigan
Scene of the new housing development, Kitt Green Mews, on Kitt Green Road, Wigan

UP to 100 people are living without internet and a landline after builders cut wiring whilst erecting a new housing development in Wigan.

Residents in Canberra Road and Blenheim Road, in Marsh Green, have been left without a phone line and internet for the last few weeks after contractors from Whittakers building firm appear to have hit essential BT wiring whilst working on the Kitt Green Mews site.

But the lines cannot be reinstalled until the beginning of September.

Builder Steve Whittaker said: “There was a bit of damage to the pavement by a wagon coming on site and we hit a cable, so we informed BT.

“Normally all the cables are a bit deeper under ground, but this was raised, so we damaged the cable.

“There is nothing we can do as it is in the hands of BT.”

Stacey Lowe, 36, of Canberra Road, said: “My 11-year-old daughter has been given homework over the school holidays and because there is no internet, she can’t do it.

“It is frustrating without the internet and phone. I have a mobile, but I shouldn’t have to use it. We are also fed up of the noise.

“We hear diggers from 6am and my husband works lates so can’t sleep during the day.”

Ursula Stothers, 41, of Blenheim Road, said: “My phone has been off for the last four to five weeks.

“I do have a mobile, but I use my landline for cheaper calls. I have had to call Sky BT, which cost a further £6 and overall mobile calls have increased my bill by a further £16.

“I can’t afford to be using my mobile.

“No-one has given us an apology or any help at all.”

A 50-year-old woman, who did not want to be named, of Blenheim Road, said: “I have no phone line and I can’t call anyone. My 82-year-old mum lives with me and I have had to buy her a mobile phone.

“It is ridiculous.”

Ward councillor Jeanette Prescott said: “This is a concern as there are a lot of vulnerable and elderly people in the area who need to use phones. Not everyone has a mobile phone.

“Plus these people are paying for phoneline and internet services.

“I have even been in touch with MP Lisa Nandy about this to put extra pressure on those responsible.”

A BT spokesman, said: “We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers currently without service in Marsh Green after a third party severed one of the cables. Our engineers will work to repair the damage and restore service as quickly as possible.”