Residents’ fly-tipping fury

An unhappy resident looking at a huge pile of rubbish dumped on Engine Lane in Tyldesley by fly-tippers
An unhappy resident looking at a huge pile of rubbish dumped on Engine Lane in Tyldesley by fly-tippers
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PEOPLE power is fighting back against selfish fly-tippers who dumped enormous quantities of rubbish on a country lane.

Residents and councillors will don gloves to remove huge piles of junk, including bales of old clothing and bricks, which have been left on Engine Lane between Atherton and Tyldesley.

The unsightly mess left on open land was being cleared up today with the help of Harworth Estates, which is planning to build a country park and business estate on some of the affected land.

Residents who will be taking part in the clean-up have hit out at those responsible for the state of the lane and say they hope their public-spirited action will put an end to the problem.

Jan Fletcher, of Breeze Hill Road, said: “When I saw the state of it I wanted to cry. I’ve seen fly-tipping problems before but never like that, it was a disgrace. People walk down those lanes with their dogs or children, or ride bikes there, and then you just saw this ridiculous amount of industrial waste.

“I don’t know for certain but it looks to me like it must have come from a warehouse. Much of it was clothing, I just couldn’t get over it. It looks as though they‘ve literally come down with a lorry or other large vehicle up the lane. started dumping, realised there’s not enough space and left more waste further down.

“We’re going to clear it up ourselves and then we want the problem to stop, although we know we’re never going to get rid of it completely.”

Jan has teamed up with local resident Kev Lees, who regularly runs litter picks in the area and has also complained to the authorities about fly-tipping, to co-ordinate the community response to the waste dumping.

Harworth Estates has also agreed to send employees, equipment and transport to Engine Lane to get rid of the mounds of rubbish.

Wigan Council says it is aware of the problems in the area, which is one of the borough’s worst spots for fly-tipping, and is working with the landowner to find a permanent solution.