Residents in battle for car permits

Simon Brown, a resident of Kendal Street, Wigan
Simon Brown, a resident of Kendal Street, Wigan
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TOWN centre residents claim commuters’ cars are pushing them out of their own street.

Residents claim that life is becoming unbearable because of the scramble for a parking space with office workers who avoid charges by leaving their vehicles in Kendal Street instead.

Now Simon Brown is heading calls for the council to roll out another permit-only scheme for their frontage.

The dad-of-two, who has lived there for 17 years, said that tempers are becoming increasingly frayed between home owners and the increasing numbers of motorists using their street to slash their parking charges.

Many are now afraid to take their own cars out during the working day on shopping trips for fear of being unable to find a parking space on their return and then having to haul bags of groceries back to their front doors.

He also claims that a council highways officer told him after he complained: “It is your own fault for choosing to live so near to the town centre!”

Mr Brown said: “Things weren’t so bad when we first moved in but it got such a lot worse in the last 10 years after Deanery Court was built because that took a great big patch of land near The Old Pear Tree which people working in the town centre had always used for free parking, along with Spring Gardens, which was also free.

“We always had the over flow from shoppers but that wasn’t so bad because they were only there a couple of hours or so, but the workers in the town centre are their from 6.30am until after it goes dark.

“Things are now so bad that staff at The Deanery, the sorting office, people catching the train into the city, along with students at Wigan and Leigh College, are all using Kendal Street and that is leaving no space at all for the residents.

“These days we see a lot of people park up outside our houses and then take out suitcases and head off to the station, I presumed, for weekends away in Blackpool or wherever.

“Our shopping trips, in fact our whole lives these days, are structured around going out at a time when we can return with some chance of finding a space to park our cars. It is getting impossible top love a normal life, it really is.

“I spoke to a highways officer but there was no sympathy at all.

“They ended up saying that I would have to put up with it if I wanted to live near the town centre.”

Head of highways Mark Tilley said the council was currently reviewing all permit schemes.

He added:“Kendal Street wasn’t part of the residents’ parking scheme consultation in 2010.

“The council is currently looking at all its permit schemes and once the policy is finalised, we will be in a position to investigate the parking issues.”