Residents kick up a stink over abandoned bin

Furious resident Jim Gaskell who has complained about a 'contaminated' bin being left out in his neighbourhood for more than a week
Furious resident Jim Gaskell who has complained about a 'contaminated' bin being left out in his neighbourhood for more than a week

FURIOUS Wigan residents have spoken out after a foul smelling bin was left festering in their street for more than two weeks.

Householders in Prestt Grove, Worsley Mesnes, had lodged numerous complaints after it was dumped in the middle of a public footpath and was repeatedly ignored by refuse collectors because it had the wrong sort of rubbish in it.

It is council policy to refuse to empty bins if the owner hasn’t followed recycling instructions properly but that is little comfort to neighbours in high summer.

After intervention from the Wigan Evening Post, the authority has now had the bin emptied.

But before it did so resident and foster carer Jim Gaskell said it was becoming a health and safety hazard for the whole neighbourhood.

He added: “It’s absolutely disgusting. The bin stinks, the smell is becoming unbearable and there’s flies constantly swarming around it.

“Residents around here have to walk past it every day as it’s in the middle of the footpath and it’s not fair, especially for children, to be exposed to that.

“Bin men have ignored it the last few times they have been.

“They even have to walk past it to get to the house behind and it isn’t as though they put a contamination sticker on or anything – they have just left it.

“This shouldn’t be happening, especially as waste collection is such a big issue at the minute.

“A couple of neighbours and I have rung the council a few times but still no action has been taken. I just wonder what it will take for somebody to take notice.

“It’s really inconsiderate on residents for someone to just leave it there, they clearly aren’t interested in their neighbourhood.”

But at the time of going to press council bosses vowed to remove the contaminated waste bin.

Steve Cassie, Wigan Council’s assistant director for environment, said: “We are sorry Mr Gaskell has been inconvenienced by a contaminated bin left in the street.

“This was picked up on Friday.

“As part of The Deal using the right recycling bin for the right waste helps save the council £1m a year and helps keep council tax frozen.

“We work hard to raise awareness of the importance of recycling more and recycling right among residents.”

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