Residents: Vandal-hit mill must be flattened

Youths inside the Pagefield building
Youths inside the Pagefield building

A derelict mill targeted by firebugs should be secured or demolished, according to Evening Post readers.

People took to our Facebook page to call for something to be done about the Pagefield building in Wigan town centre, which they dubbed an “eyesore”.

“With how the building looks now, surely pulling it down is the only option.”

Clare Louise Mills

The former mill and college building now stands vacant and is in a dangerous condition, with holes in the floor and lots of debris.

There have been a series of fires there since 2009, with five in nine days recently as the frequency increases.

On Tuesday, we published unpixellated photographs of a group of youths on the roof of the building because we were so concerned for their safety.

And readers reacted angrily as they had their say on Facebook.

Lilian Smith said: “All this stupid listed building rubbish,knock it down and have done with it,ther is nothing nice about the building its a complete eyesore and a danger and very costly for the fire brigade,Listed buildings should be like the parish church,and some of the shops in town centre, not rat infested eyesore like that ,but like everything else you’ll wait until someone is killed before you do anything,The fire brigade should refuse to go,,,,”

Linda Horrobin said: “It’s an eyesore and an accident waiting to happen.

“The council are doing nothing to secure the building. Let’s see what they have to say when the first death occurs....hope it’s not one of the fire fighters only doing their job saving property or life.....and the idiots who are doing this hope their parents are proud.”

Samantha Lynch said: “How is there anything left of the building! It’s been set alight that many times I’m surpised its still up! Let it burn to the ground next time!” Clare Louise Mills said: “With how the building looks now, surely pulling it down is the only option.”

Joanne Smith said: “You’d think so Clare but it’s privately owned and I think listed too. There can’t be much left of it.

“I drove past on Monday and the gates were ajar. The site needs securing properly!”

Geter Gowen said: “It’s becoming the most glamourised tourist attraction in Wigan. Firemen, next time it’s alight, check it’s all clear and let it burn down.”

Adele Hawksworth said: “The whole thing should be knocked down.

“I think any building once it becomes unsafe should be knocked down”

There have been repeated warnings about the dangers of going into the building.

Fire chiefs have urged parents to make their children aware of the risks and police are working with schools to warn pupils.

A Wigan Council spokesman said: “We share the concerns of local residents and can assure them that we are working with both partner agencies and the owners of the building to ensure the security of the site is improved and to determine the building’s future.

“We are very worried for the safety of the young people who are trespassing and would urge them to not enter the site.”