Residents welcome parking plans

Whitley Crescent
Whitley Crescent

WIGAN residents have welcomed a council proposal to alleviate dangerous parking on their road.

Homeowners on Whitley Crescent may be on the verge of winning their eight-year-long battle to reduce congestion on their street.

Councillors will consider a report on Friday recommending double yellow lines are introduced at the junctions with St Clement’s Road, Brookland Road and Spencer Road.

Residents have hailed the proposal as a breakthrough in their campaign.

Graham Mayor, 61, said: “I know a lot of residents including myself who will be very happy with anything which will sort out the congestion on the road.

“Something is needed to alleviate the dangers of the built-up parking, especially for cars coming from Spencer Road and off the roundabout.

“Buses coming down the street have no space to stop a lot the time.

“Hopefully a new system will enable drivers to come up and down Whitley Crescent without weaving in and out of cars which are blocking the road.

“I hope that the residents are finally getting listened too. Perhaps the council has just weighed up the pros and cons and seen sense.

“It would brilliant if the proposals are adopted and the dangerous parking was finally stopped.”

The council report tells how the parking situation on the street worsened as other areas became parking restricted and visitors and staff at nearby Wigan Infirmary searched for free spaces.

Staff at the hospital are currently able to park within allocated spaces in the town centre and to then get a shuttle bus to work. But, according to the report, some still park on nearby residential streets.

“When the new staff parking arrangements came into operation it became apparent that not all staff were using the allocated parking at Mesnes Terrace, but instead were choosing to park in unrestricted streets on the boundary of the existing controlled parking zone, in particularly the Northern section of Whitley Crescent,” the report states.

“The NHS have clearly demonstrated that they have taken steps to provide adequate parking provision.

“Whilst the parking cannot be provided free of charge without impacting on patient services, the NHS encourage staff to park at these facilities by offering low-cost subsidised parking rates.”