Reward offer for stolen caravan

Helen Birch at The White Crow Pub
Helen Birch at The White Crow Pub

A MAN is offering a substantial reward after his caravan was stolen from a Wigan car park.

Teddy Joy is willing to pay £1,000 for the safe return of his Senator Virginia which was in the car park of his daughter’s pub, White Crow, in Worthington, when thieves took it on Sunday September 6. Thieves then returned a few days later and attempted to steal his daughter’s caravan.

Teddy, 65, said: “I just want it back, It cost £10,000 and I had only recently bought it as I am retiring soon from being a landlord at the Sun and Royal Hotel, in Clitheroe, and was going to use it to travel around the country. We have CCTV which shows what happened but the police are unable to enhance the image to see who it is.”

Helen, landlady of the White Crow, added: “At around 11pm on September 6 we saw a man walking around the car park on his mobile phone. As soon as staff left, he hooked up my dad’s caravan and broke the locks off. Then in the early hours of September 9, my husband, Stuart, heard someone outside, attempting to steal our caravan. They dismantled the locks on our gates and had broken a lock on our caravan.

“We could hear them dragging the caravan away. We switched our lights on in the pub and I am not sure if that scared them away or they could not get the caravan away. They caused a bit of damage to the wheel and as they dragged the caravan, things inside smashed, including our TV. I don’t feel I can relax at home anymore in case they return.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “Two cars (with one man in each) have approached the caravan before a man got out of one of them and forced open the tow bar casing of the caravan and attached it to the back of one of the cars and drove off. The offence is believed to have happened sometime between 11.10pm on September 6.”

If anyone has information, they can contact the police on 101 or Terry on 07833227884.